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we have selected next generation vegetable active principles obtanied from innovative and sustainable tecnologies such as: Bioliquefied vegetable monecules which thanks to an exclusive technological patent make our active principles extremely fast and effective.

Stem cells: these are primeval, non-specialised cells, endowed with the ability to transform themselves into other types og body cells.

Bio-certified vegetable extracts: water extraction, with no use of alcohol, parabens and glycerine guarantee maximum quality, integrity and naturalness to the active principles and the fragrances used in our formulations.


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Elixir Anti-grey

The natural way back to the vital natural hair color.
Granny Gray is a popular hair color trend for teens and women in their 20s. But it does not apply to people who have rounded the 30! Here, the panic spreads quickly when the first gray hairs become visible. Times are long past when gray hair was perceived as a sign of wisdom and life experience. Today, gray hair has become a symbol of declining vitality and loss of youth. Gray hair is a sure sign that one no longer belongs to the young or the youthful generation.
Gray hair – what now?
Of course, you can dye your hair. But La Biosthétique’s scientists did not want to be careful. Many people just want to keep their beautiful natural hair color and don’t like being reminded that they get older every time the hair has grown a millimeter.
Cell-active Anti-Gray power scalp triple effect
1. Reactivates the natural pigmentation of the hair right down from the root – and without the use of artificial color pigments.
2. Protects the targeted hair from further pigment loss.
3. Revitalizes the hair and gives it its healthy, strong and youthful radiance.
Provides, with regular use, a clearly visible reduction in the proportion of gray hair.
The hair regains and retains its youthful natural hair color.
Without artificial color pigments!
97% of the ingredients in Elixir Anti-Gray are of natural origin.
With patented, clinically tested active substance (biomimetic peptide).
Here’s how Elixir Anti-Gray is used:
Used daily. Shake before use!
Spread the contents of 1-2 pipettes (min. 3 ml) on the scalp and massage in easily. Used after hair washing or independent. of hair washing.
Don’t flush out! For best results, allow the product to work overnight. Used daily for the first 3 months.
Regular use is the prerequisite for a good result.
Here’s how Elixir Anti-Gray works:
Elixir Anti-Gray Active Complex
A clinically tested biomimetic peptide acts as a pigmentation booster.
An extract of the plant senna atala counteracts the aging processes in the hair papilla, counteracts the formation of hydrogen peroxide and thus protects targeted pigment loss.
A mineral powerbooster extracted from the health-giving semi-precious stone malachite supplies the hair curlers and thus the hair with important trace elements.
Christian Ader, Head of Research, Development and Production at La Biosthétique, comments:
“Research is gaining insight into more and more of the processes that happen in the body as it ages. This gives us new opportunities to help people who want to preserve their natural beauty and youthful radiance. Elixir Anti-Gray is an innovation in the field of anti aging and a particularly good example of the practical turnover of years of research and development. ”
Overview of Dermosthétique Anti-Age Cheveux:
1. Elixir Anti-Gray
SKU # 120347
The cell-active power scalp lotion against gray hair repigments the hair right down from the root – and without the addition of color pigments. It protects the hair from future pigment loss, revitalizes the hair and gives it its healthy strength. Thanks to this unique triple effect, the hair regains and retains its youthful radiance. 97% of the ingredients in Elixir Anti-Gray are of natural origin. The natural way back to the vital natural hair color!

Alexander er en eksklusiv frisør i hjertet af Aarhus. Med en beliggenhed i Vestergade tilbyder han en hyggelig stemning samt et lækkert look.

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“Når jeg laver hår, er det vigtigt for mig at resultatet er naturligt. Det betyder, at jeg ikke
kæmper mod kundens naturlige hår, men arbejder med det. Det giver det mest harmoniske
udtryk – og gør det nemmere at fastholde det valgte look i hverdagen. ”

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